Eulogy for my Mother Essay examples

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I want to thank all of my Mother’s friends and family for being here today to celebrate her life and to mourn her death. I’m sure she would be thrilled to see all of you here and I know it would have meant the world to her. I suppose that the way that these things are supposed to go is that I recap her life and tell all of the good things about her and all of the great things she did, and there are many, but I can only tell you about what my mother meant to me.

Everything good that is in me came wholly or in part from this woman. She taught me to love and to give, even when no one noticed my efforts. She taught me the value of hard work and dedication to our passions in life, the things that make us more than just animals.
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By that time she was walking with a cane and she was crossing the street at Lindell one day when a man approached her and asked her for money. She calmly told him she didn’t have any money she could give him. When he moved to take her purse she wielded the cane she was using like a baseball bat and yelled at the top of her lungs. After telling my mom that she must be crazy, the man quickly decided that a few dollars was not worth being hit in the head with a cane and being arrested all in the same day and so he ran. My mom was always a fighter, but a cancer diagnosis strengthened her in just as many ways as it weakened her body. I knew from the day she told me she had been diagnosed with cancer that she would not let it take her easily.

Many others have asked and I have often asked myself how she could possibly continue to go on despite being vastly outnumbered and overwhelmed. When anyone with a shred of common sense could see that to struggle was futile and when life had literally stripped her of everything she held dear and threatened to take more.

The answer is this: she had to continue to fight because to do otherwise made her a pawn of her sickness, nothing but a hollow shell searching for purpose and waiting to die. Also, sometimes the addicted patient recovers for their entire lives, sometimes the man who wants your money flees, sometimes human will alone can beat disease. Regardless of the outcome, she knew that even to lose is

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