Essay on Exploration of Light Microscopes

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Exploration of Light Microscopes

What does the word microscope mean: The first part of the word "Micro" means tiny. The "scope" part means to look at or view. Microscopes are tools that are used too enlarge images of small objects so that they can be studied.

A light microscope is an instrument made up of two lens they are eyepiece lens and the object lens combined they produce a much greater magnification that what is possible with just one single lens. The microscope also has a variety of knobs to focus the picture seen thought the microscope. The light microscope is also known as the compound microscope this is because it uses more than one lens.

The light microscope uses visible
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Plasma membrane: consists of two layers of phospholipids (a fatty substance) with some protein molecules embedded in them.

The membrane protein performs several functions. Branched carbohydrate molecules attached to the outside of some membrane protein molecules give the cell its immunological identity. They can act as specific receptors for hormones and other chemicals massagers. Some of them are enzymes and some are involved in transport across the membrane.

Nuclear membrane: the layer that surrounds the nucleus. The nuclear membrane is a double membrane formed by two lipid bilayers separated by a gap of20-40nm (the perinuclear space). About 15% of its surface is made of nuclear pores, which indicate that it too has a large amount of substances passing in and out of the nucleus.

Nucleus: in every cell in the body has a nucleus, with the exception of the mature e erythrocytes (the red blood cells). The nucleus is the largest structure inside the cell and is contained with in a membrane similar to the plasma membrane, but it has tiny pores through which some substances can pass between it and the cytoplasm. The nucleus contains the entire DNA and its main function is to control all the activities of the cell.

Nucleolus: The Nucleolus also known as nucleoli is a dense spherical structure within the cell. These

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