Essay about Family Issues in the Play Death of a Salesman

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The play, Death of a Salesman, is a tragic drama about an aging salesman who tries to do all he can to support his family and make them lead successful lives. The struggling salesman, Willy Loman has two sons, Biff and Happy, whom he tries to drive towards success. Willy believes that being well liked and making a good and lasting impression are the keys to success and tries to teach this philosophy to his two sons. Biff, being the favorite son of Willy, has worked as a manual laborer and Willy believes that Biff can do so much more with his life. While Biff is happy, he does not meet Willy’s criteria for success. Biff is unable to fulfill Willy’s dream because Willy’s idea of success is not a life Biff wants to pursue.
Biff Loman, a
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Certain men just don’t get started till later in life. Like Thomas Edison, I think. Or B.F. Goodrich. One of them was deaf. I’ll put my money on Biff” (31). This shows that Willy is so determined in believing that Biff will become successful that he never gives up. What Willy doesn’t get is that Biff does not want to work in an office job. Biff says, “To suffer fifty weeks of they year for the sake of a two week vacation, when all you really desire is to be outdoors with your shirt off” (11). This means that Biff has a passion for working with his hands rather than handling papers at some desk job.
As the play goes on, Willy starts to lose his mind; this can be seen by the many contradictions he makes. For example, in one scene, he mentions that Chevrolet is “the greatest car ever built,” only to later say in another scene that “they ought to prohibit the manufacture of that car” (31). As he loses touch with himself, other things in his life start to go wrong also. He is unable to bring in enough money; he gets fired from his job, and he acts very harshly to his wife, telling her “[Wildly enthused, to LINDA.] Stop interrupting! ” Due to this decline of fortune in his life, he feels the need for his sons to be successful for him. This is why he tries to push Biff so hard and tries to find him business opportunities. He also tells him how to behave, “A business suit, and talk as little as possible, and

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