Essay on Fear in A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

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Throughout A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, Conor, the protagonist worries about many issues. He suffers through all the emotions he has to combat about his mother's battle with cancer. However, the greatest emotion Conor has conflict is with fear itself. He is so fearful of countless issues he has to struggle with such as the fact he might have to possibly live with his grandmother for the rest of his life, or if he might not stay with his father the way Conor would like to. Primarily what Conor suffers through the most is the fear of his own mother's health. Conor cannot handle the fact that his mother is not getting any better and her health is slowly failing. Conor has an incredible amount of conflict with his fear, he tries to hide …show more content…
He thinks, "No it had come later, when Conor started having the real nightmare… the nightmare he would never tell another living soul about" (Ness 28). This quote shows how he deals with his fear, by hiding it, not showing anyone the struggle he faces inside. He will refuse to tell the truth, and overcome his fear. When Conor and the monster meet the second time the monster tells Conor he will tell him three stories, then he will tell him a fourth tale, his truth, his fear. Conor recognizes this knowing the fourth tale is his fear thinking, "No. No. He was never going to say what happened in the real nightmare. Not in a million years". He refuses to acknowledge his fears and keeps them shoved away, hidden. Conor is not really aware of the consequences everyone is trying to warn him about. He just does not seem to accept that by concealing his fear will result in painful inner conflict, and that is the main message trying to show when Conor and the Monster meet for the first time. When they meet, Conor is not really scared of this monster because Conor knows his fear is much scarier than some tree monster, this monster mentions "You really aren't afraid are you?" (Ness 16). In response Conor says, "No, not of you anyway" (Ness 16). Conor tells the monster he is not but does not mention what exactly scares, that shows his conflict. The monster then warns saying,

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