Feminist Perspective of Women Of Hollering Creek Essay

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Literary Analysis Essay from Feminist Perspective

When Sandra Cisneros wrote “Women of Hollering Creek” she reflected back on her own life experiences. This is a story that is told from the female perspective from start to finish. Like the lead character, Cleofilas, Cisneros is Mexican-American and the only daughter in a family that has seven children. Cisneros studied creative writing at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and earned her Masters of Fine Arts degree in 1978, (238). Growing up she traveled back and forth to Mexico to visit her father’s family and Cleofilas flees to arms of her father later in the story. She has a blended cultural identity that is relevant in the story by how she uses Mexican and English words together. For
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“She would not remember her father’s parting words until later. I am your father, I will never abandon you” (246). Now Cleofilas sits by the creek’s edge with her son and thinks, “how when a man and a woman love each other, sometimes that love sours…” (246). She experiences physical abuse early in her marriage, “…when it happened the first time, when they were barely man and wife, she had been so stunned, it left her speechless, motionless, numb. She had done nothing but reach up to the heat of her mouth and stare at the blood…” (249). She was in shock; she didn’t get dramatic like they did on the telenovela and cry loudly or run of screaming. Her heart was broken; her prince charming doesn’t care about her enough to control his anger. Cleofilas also experience mental abuse which is more evident in her actions rather than by the words of her husband Juan. After he beats her until blood is coming from her lips, “she could think of nothing to say, said nothing. Just stroked the dark curls of the man who wept and would weep like a child, his tears of repentance and shame, this time and each”, (249). How dare he hurt her and then turn to her for comfort? Cisneros does a great job in showing how we loving and motherly women are able to put our feeling aside in hopes of not loosing what we think of as the love of our lives, regardless of how they treat us. My aunt and mother

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