Essay on Feminist Writers of the 1960's and 1970's

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The feminist writers of the 1960s and 1970s were making sure that the woman was suffering emotional and psychological stress on having assumed roles traditionally feminus, and were setting the women up to have their own professions and change there positions and rolls of the woman in society. Women, especially those who had a formal education, were not happy with there housewive roles. These women, who were possessing aptitudes to carry out professions out of the house, were meeting doing vulgar tasks that were very far from satisfying the husbands desires. Between the resultant problems it enumerates: emotional crisises, alcoholism, marriages adolescents and illegitimate pregnancies. The feminine mystique turned into the springboard …show more content…
housewives were showing symptoms of psychological stress more often than the hard-working women. The housewife only has some sources of satisfaction, his work in the hearth, and if this one is not gratifying, they do not have another source of satisfaction. The hard-working woman takes there work as an alternative. when a married woman works, they also experience a conflict of rolls for unsatisfactory work and the work of the house. Nevertheless, women who consider there work to be a professional career and not a simple employment suffer less tension. Mothers who had interests out of the hearth were seen in a different role from that of other mothers, they would suffer less than the mothers who were known only as mothers. The women with non traditional mentalities towards gender roles are happier than they who have more traditional mentalities. Non traditional women would have freedom at the time of choosing roles different from those of mothers
Michels 3 or housewives. Stigma seems to exist less for the hard-working woman, even if they have children in school age. As more women obtain academic qualifications, they will want to use there skills to keep there family in order. Women with traditional mentality towards gender roles are more satisfied with there life more than the less traditional women. Many women creeen that is a duty of the woman to

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