Film Analysis: Babel Essay

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Since God creates the tower of Babel, human race is separated into many distinct societies due to the inabilities to communicate. Each differs from one another by its own culture, language, ethnicity, etc. Moreover, in all societies, each individual has difference sex, physical and psychological abilities, etc. Nevertheless, regardless of all the differences among men, it is often claimed that human experience is universal. In Babel, a movie portrays the nature of humankind by illustrating the life of people who are very distinct from each other within interconnected storylines. This film demonstrates the evidences of all human experience life in a fundamentally similar way such as the tendency to give up everything for their …show more content…
This kind of human nature does not only apply to people live in modern society, but also to the poor family in Morocco. Youssef, the perpetrator of the incident, after watching his brother being shot by the investigators right in front of his eyes while they are resisting, immediately surrenders and begs the Moroccan officers to save his brother's life. From this example, Youssef evidently values the well-being of his brother higher than his own, he understands the consequences after being captured will certainly ruin his life, yet he would rather sacrifice his own interest to protect that of ones he love. On the other side, the fact that his father decides to escape with him after knowing the grave crime Youssef did shows that human beings tend to protect their important ones regardless the serious consequences they might have to endure. In short, regardless the difference in age, sex or anything, human beings would have concern about their attachments and would willing to sacrifice others and their interests for the sake of the love ones' well-being. Thus, all human experience life similarly in this way. The movie Babel displays another common fundamental human experience: sexual lust. Freud, a famous German philosopher, promotes this thought. According to Freud, every human being's dream can

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