Essay on Finding the Ultimate Reality

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The Glass Menagerie was written by Tennessee Williams; he was born in Columbus, Mississippi, and he spent his childhood in St. Louis. He graduated from the University of Iowa with a major in playwrighting. His first successful play was the Glass Menagerie. It is a play based on the memory of Tom Wingfield; it is set in St. Louis, Missouri around the year 1937. It is about Tom’s family and their struggles to survive after his father left them behind with no help. Tom, who is unhappy with his job at the factory, tries to support his sister, Laura, and his mother, Amanda. Laura has a physical disorder that she is very self-conscious about, and Amanda tries throughout the play to get Laura a gentleman caller. She does not associate well with …show more content…
She still lived in the past and was not focused on the present. She also was very concerned with her family’s moral values and success. All she wanted was for her and her family to succeed. She wanted Tom to be a local businessman, but he wanted adventure. Her striving for success and her living in the past were the reasons she did not have a grasp for reality. Laura probably had the most problems with accepting reality. Her ailment prevented her from doing a lot of things, but she used it as a crutch most of the time. She dropped out of a class that her mom was paying for because she said she was embarrassed of it making a noise when she walked up the steps. By doing these types of things, she slipped out of reality. She stayed locked up in the house and did not do anything; she was not sociable with anyone. The only reality that she had was her glass collection. It was the most precious thing to her; she cleaned every piece very meticulously and very often. Her favorite piece was the unicorn. She was not interested in gentleman callers like her mom wanted her to be. The only thing that existed in her world was her collection. She had never had a gentleman caller before because she said that none would want to come over; she blamed it on her deformed leg. When Jim, the gentleman caller, came over, she would not even open the door because she was afraid and embarrassed. He came into the room that she was in and tried to comfort her; he tried to get her to come to

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