Essay on Freud vs Piaget

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When comparing the work of Sigmund Freud and Jean Piaget two things come to mind, they both had a lasting and profound impact on the field of psychology and both received a great amount of criticism regarding their theories. Freud is considered the founder of psychoanalysis, which is based on childhood development and psychosexual stages. Piaget was the top developmentalist of the 1960s and 1970s. His theory of cognitive development was as well studied as Freud's theory of psychosexual development was a generation before. While they both had many criticisms of their work, both Freud and Piaget influenced their respective fields of psychology so much that today their thoughts and concepts are still studied and referenced everyday. Freud’s …show more content…
Freud felt this was achieved through pleasure of different organs of the body including the mouth, anus, and genitalia. The five stages included in this theory include the oral stage, where the focus of pleasure is through chewing, sucking, or biting. The anal stage, which allows pleasure through the ability to control the bowels. The phallic stage, which is includes pleasure and discharge of tension through manipulation of the genitals. Finally there is what is called the latency period, which during this time, sexuality is sublimated so that social and intellectual skills have the opportunity to develop. The final stage, or genital stage, is a sexual reawakening and the strong wants of the id against the restrictions of the ego and superego. Tension and confusion are the results of this imbalance, often observed in the complications of adolescence. Freud believes that personality is determined by the way one resolves tensions at each stage. It was also assumed that over gratification, or the failure to satisfy an impulse at any stage will result in the person becoming fixated in that period of development. Piaget’s theory of human development takes a different approach than that of Freud. Piaget believed that four stages of cognitive development were the defining periods of which an adult personality would be formed. The first stage of Piaget’s

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