Gender Inequality In Literature Essays

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As we all know, gender inequality is a social issue that has been addressed over the years and has however, given rise to other issues such as misogyny, feminism, male sovereignty, female oppression and criticism, and the list goes on. Most times, especially during the Elizabethan era, before feminists began to fight for their rights as women, women were viewed as substandard when compared to men and they were classified more as possessions rather than as people. These gender biased opinions were developed under the reign of Queen Elizabeth and Shakespeare’s explicit exhibition of this fact in his plays can be traced to the circumstances at which the society was at that time. Shakespeare shared this opinion and had few female characters in …show more content…
To an extent I agree with most of what Ann Thompson argues in her essay. I also believe that no matter how much the female character is diluted in Shakespeare’s works they tend to play an enormously significant role in presenting the play as what it is or what it stands for, emphasizing on its moral lesson, if existent. Just as Anna had quoted, Prospero says to Miranda while trying to explain the storm that, “I have done nothing but in care of thee” (1.2.16). This is one part of the text that shows how crucial Miranda’s role was no matter how quiet and chaste her character might have seemed. She appears to be the crucial reason why Prospero is taking up the fight for power in the play and it emphasizes how important Miranda was to her father. Not only was she the only female that appeared in the play, her character encircles all the elements of perfectionism and integrity which is lacking in all the other characters in the play. This is one reason why I think Miranda had such an influence in the play even without making any major soliloquy, her appearance and beauty alone covers for all of it.
Likewise, Ania Loomba in her essay discusses and compares the characters, Sycorax and Miranda and I concur to Loomba’s comparison between Miranda and Sycorax. Sycorax is described as a powerful and feared practitioner of dark magic and it is evident that Prospero himself had a problem with how much of a counterpart she was to him. Just as Loomba said, “Both Prospero and Caliban

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