George Cheyne's Concepts About Medical Science Essay examples

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George Cheyne's concepts about medical science and the way the human body functions was in many ways very modern, but also still involved very conventional ideas that were well known techniques and concepts that had been accepted by the medical community. In The English Malady Cheyne began to make the transition from previous ideas in the medical community. 1.Cheyne had many ideas about the body that could be seen as the basis for modern medical views. a)Describing separate systems based on physical organs and systems instead of humors
“These need only suppose, that the Human Body is a Machine of an infinite Number and Variety of different Channels and Pipes, filled with various and different Liquors and Fluids, perpetually running,
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Pg 8 3.nervous illness causes a)too much food
There is nothing more common, than to hear Men (even those, who, on other Subjects, reason justly and solidly) ascribe their Disstempers, acute or chronically to a wet Room, damp Sheets, catching Cold, ill or under-dress'd Food, or eating too plentifully of this or the other Disli at a certain Time, and to such like trivial Circumstances, being unwilling to own the true Cause, to wit, their continued Luxury and Laziness, because they would gladly continue this source,and yet be well, if possible. Pg48 although vices don't help, they are not the sole cause. If you're healthy, these won't greatly affect your help too much. Frequency of these Nervous Distempers of late, especially among the Fair Sex, to Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, and Snuff: I would not affirm, that there could be no Abuses of these, otherwifs innocent Foods or Amusements, or that these mention'd Circumstances, and Accidents may have no Effects, but they are so Weak, Inensible, and Transitory, if they meet with Constitutions tolerably Clean and Healthy, that whoever would attribute any considerable Disorder to them pg 49 b) the way that food is prepaerd, the way that animals are slaughtered/cooked
"Instead of the plain Simplicity of leaving the Animals to range and feed in their proper Element, with their natural Nourishment, they are physick’d almost out of their

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