Getalt Therapy by Fitz and Laura Pearls and earving and Miriam Polster

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Major contributor to Gestalt therapy are two couples Fritz Pearls,Laura Posner Pearls and Earving and Miriam Polster. The Polsters theory incorporated aspects of support and acceptance between the therapist and the client. Pearls had two major goals in therapy one being helping people accept parts of themselves that they disowned and begin finding resources from within to make it through their issues versus using external resources. Gestalt is a German word that literally means whole or completion (Corey,196). Specifying the difference between many part together versus one whole. Gestalt therapy focuses on the here and now basing its experiments in physiological and existential thoughts. In this theory people are not just products of …show more content…
Hopefully the client will begin to see a change in how they experience their own emotions. In a Gestalt session a client can work on any unfinished business they may have in their life. Any situations or people that they have left without feeling as if they received closure. It is important to deal with these issues that are from the passed because issues that are not fully dealt with tend to linger in the background of people's lives not allowing them to fully live in the present because they are constantly concerned with events of the past. Issues that are not fully worked on can manifest as bitterness, anger, pain, anxiety, guilt or feelings of abandonment. These feelings can only be alleviated if they are dealt with in an direct manner otherwise they will continue to be ambiguous and linger 198. Bodily effects can also be experienced which Gestalt therapist pay particular attention to as this is seen as emotions trying to be expressed. In working through unfinished business clients are generally asked to directly address whatever person or situation that they have not yet felt closure. One exercise that generally helps with unfinished business is known as chairs. Chairs can be done in many different ways one way the client pretends the person they have an issues with is sitting in the chair Polster and Polster describe five ways in which people

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