Government Addiction: Politicians and Bureaucrats Essay

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Government dependency is replacing the illegal drug trade as the most destructive force in our country. The drug kingpins are the politicians we elect, who then appoint their bureaucrats to act as the pushers and enforcers. We welcome them into our homes, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and allow them to infiltrate every corner of society. The pushers and enforcers that feed our addiction to big-government money, exhibit many of the same traits and tactics as drug dealers. The idea is to get more and more people hooked, thus assuring millions of mindless users for life. Not to mention, career employment opportunities for the kingpins and pushers.
Chemical dependency, the devastating conventional drug problem in this county, pales in
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Government-run schools teach children this same dependency and get them hooked on the free ride.
Dependence and subservience to the state have replaced the teaching of critical and rational thinking skills, and then indoctrination replaced education. The remaining dregs of the public education system, from kindergarten to graduate school, send woefully unprepared young people into society lacking the skills and knowledge to function and survive on their own.
The hunters, gatherers, and entrepreneurs of free-willed, independent people are quickly being supplanted by beggars and unmotivated hoards of whining miscreants. They prefer to accept the federal government as the ultimate power over their economic and personal lives, and then mortgage their future and their children’s futures for more intoxicating quick-fixes by government.
Most animals instinctively teach their young how to survive before sending them into the world. Unfortunately, our instincts have evolved into teaching dependence.
We see them throwing their tantrums on Wall Street demanding even more government, the abolishment of Capitalism, and the free-enterprise system. Many act like escapees from a liberal-progressive animal farm. These mostly college-educated, life-skills challenged, young people are products of a lifelong indoctrination and addiction. Awash in a Marxist sea of economic and constitutional

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