Graphic Novels and Impact on English Language Learners Essay

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English language learners have challenged educators and politicians throughout the decades with finding a best method to educate them; however, the dispute remains on whose view of what constitutes “the best” program for ELLs (Crawford, 2004, p. 29). Graphic novels are gaining popularity as understandings of the various literacies (critical, visual, etc) fluctuate. This trend could assist educators as more instructional methods are sought to increase the literacy skills of English language learners. Between the hard work of librarians, English language arts teachers and the popularity of film adaptations of popular graphic novels, this under-studied format is gaining respect and teaching time (Carter, 2007). Through various studies, …show more content…
Today’s teachers must combat this loss by using unconventional, nontraditional ways to motivate struggling readers and English language learners. Graphic novels could be the literacy strategy that brings ELLs up to par with their native English-speaking peers. Studies on graphic novel use are slowly but steadily emerging. Books provide accessible accounts of real-life experiences through their characters, enabling teenagers to reflect on their own experiences and the experiences of others. Through carefully crafted characters, teens are able to reflect on their own sense of self-worth, discover ways in which they can improve themselves and realize that while making mistakes is an unfortunate side-effect of growing up, it is what you choose to do with those mistakes that builds the character traits leading into adulthood. Without reading, English-language learners have only the marginal experiences of themselves, and the perceived experiences of their peers, to shape their character. Thus the importance of graphic novel use with struggling readers, especially second language learners, arises. If graphic novels can entice ELLs into reading, if they can build a desire to walk in another’s moccasins and better understand the people of this world, then they would truly learn more about, not only their own cultures, but the cultures of others as well. Therefore, it is not just about reading aspect of second language learning, it is about breaking down the walls that imprison

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