Hamlet - Noble Prince in a Corrupt World Essay

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Hamlet - Noble Prince in a Corrupt World

Ever since I was acquainted with tragic plays, I fell in love with the ideas, concepts, and even moral beliefs of these tragic style writers. Having never truly understood or read any of William Shakespeare's work, it was hard to see where he was coming from. After reading and analyzing Hamlet, my first instincts depicted Shakespeare as a dramatist who was bent on creating an overly tragic, unfathomable drama. That is why this essay is based around defending the opinion that "Hamlet is a noble prince who suffers from a corrupt world that is not suitable to his sensitive moral nature." By doing this, the original implications will hopefully be disproved. Maybe in the end, it
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Otherwise he would without hesitation readily escape from what he sees as "uselessness of the world through self-slaughter." He argues with himself towards the middle of the play whether it would be better to live with misery or die with uncertainty. When he says uncertainty, he is referring to what happens after death as well as the uncertainty of Claudius punishment for the wrongful act of murdering King Hamlet. This is why the spirit wanders at night. After Claudius is crowned, he capitalizes on Hamlet's death. Without haste, he marries the Kings wife, Claudius' one time sister-in-law Gertrude. Now, Claudius has King Hamlet's crown as well as his Queen.

This puts the Prince into a manic-depressive state. Everything, which Hamlet built his life around, has gone corrupt. His mother Gertrude betrays her King Hamlet as well as her son by marrying without time to mourn, leaving Prince Hamlet to feel that she was not in love nor cared about her husband. Hamlet's father is dead, and the one thing left, Polonius' daughter Ophelia, which he has a great deal of feelings for rejects him upon her father's orders. On top of all this corruption, the ghost of King Hamlet tells his son that Claudius is the reason for his death. What is this noble prince to do with nobody to depend on besides his one trustworthy friend, Horatio? It's enough to drive a man crazy!

That is exactly what happens

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