Harmful Effets of Photoshop Essay

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Harmful Effects of Photoshop The crafty tool called photoshop is used by nearly every tech savvy person in the country. The biggest contenders have to be ads; every advertisement contains at least one form of photoshop. Granted, it is used for a long list of reasons; to fix lighting, crop something out, even to add a funny background. This tool can virtually fix anything but what happens when it begins to harm more than it helps? Lately it has shown that the images changed or “improved” by photoshop has caused harm amongst our society. There has to be something down about this problem before other people get hurt. The Federal Government has to do its duty and stop this harm by issuing laws limiting the use of photoshop. Photoshop can …show more content…
(ABC) Anorexia is the third most common chronic illness among adolescents; over 1 million boys suffer from this illness as well. (ANAD) People who have anorexia starve themselves to become thinner; girls with bulimia go about becoming thinner with a different approach. Girls or women with bulimia starves themselves as long as they can and when they can no longer resist not eating they resolve to binging and purging. The effects of eating disorders can be physical and psychological. For example a person with an eating disorder could suffer from depression, anxiety, and intense preoccupation with food. Intense preoccupation with food just mean that the girl or boy is always distracted by the thought of food. Physically, anorexia leads to being underweight; being underweight can lead to a long list of complications such as low blood pressure, decrease in muscle mass (including heart muscle), decrease in blood pressure and heart rate, heart beat irregularities, amenorrhea, deterioration in bone strength, decrease in intestinal motility, constipation, downy hair growth (lanugo), hair loss from the scalp, and cold sensitivity due to impaired temperature regulation. (ANAD) In bulimia a person can suffer from a possible rupture of the esophagus due to frequent vomiting. (ANAD) With all of these harmful effects you would think the government would do something to help resolve the issue. The U.S Federal Government currently has no law opposing photoshop in ads on people.

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