Helath Care Disparity Reflection Essay

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Racial and ethnic backgrounds have been a persistent factor in the dispensation of healthcare, stemming from the Civil Rights era. Several momentous pieces of legislation passed in that time, including the judicial Brown vs. Board of Education decision and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, both of which were intended to integrate society. However, the racial divide was not completely dealt with leading to the common medical disparities exhibited today. Interests in the status of national medical disparities have aided in the formation of significant organizations striving to transform these inconsistencies to benefit everyone. The objective of this essay is first, to convey how the achievement of civil rights has been overlooked in the …show more content…
The obviousness in investigations, such as previously stated, that is shown has brought about interests in ending it. On October 7, 2003, a coalition was formed known as the Federation Task Force on Disparities in Health Care comprised of various philanthropic and research foundations in order to increase disparity awareness, promote workforce diversity, as well as resolve other problems. In 2004, the Task Force reconvened and matured into a formally organized group known as The Commission to End Health Care Disparities (American Medical Association, 2004). Since its establishment, many strides have been taken in order “to ensure equitable, appropriate, effective, safe, and high quality care for all, with no gaps in services based on any medically irrelevant factor” (Commision to End Health Care Disparities, 2007). Some ideas provided included the draft and delivery of letters to political leaders, including President Barack Obama, to consider comments on policy and legislative development; promotion of collaboration between public and private medical industries; and the institution of programs such as Doctors Back to School (DBTS) in order to reach out to the youth, all of which are critical aspects to ending inequality.
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