Henrik Isben's A Doll's House Essay

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     A doll house by Henrik Ibsen is a modern drama whose characters fail to

understand who they really are. The theme of self-discovery can be viewed throughout

the entire play. Nora’s character plays an important role in self-discovery. She is a

dynamic character who proves at the end of the play that she accept and discovers who

the true Nora is.

     The play begins with a direct emphasis on Nora and her husband (Torvald)

relationship. One can easily assume that their relationship is based on material things and

status. It appears that money is the one thing which is keeping their marriage what is

considered to be happy. Throughout the first act Torvald immediately
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Her journey to self-

discovery will not only change her but will allow her to develop as a mature character.

     As the play progresses Nora’s character begins to undergo a visible change. She

begins to go from an immature, self-centered person to a woman who is beginning to gain

a sense of maturity. She is no longer viewed as an insensitive person. This change is

demonstrated when Nora reveals her secret to Mrs. Linde. Nora explains that her life has

also had its share of hardships. Nora secretively took out a bank loan. In doing so, she

went against her husband because she knew he was against loans. Although, Nora went

against her husband her act is viewed as a selfless one because it was done in order to

save her husbands life. Nora’s action shows that she is caring and is capable of doing

things on her own. The revelation of Nora’s secret is her first step to self discovery. It

also provides a foundation for the re-building of Nora & Mrs. Linde friendship.

     Nora’s character takes another toll when she is approached by Krogstad. Krogstad

was aware that Nora had forged her father’s signature. Forging the signature was the only

way Nora was able to take out the loan. Although, Nora knows that forgery is a crime,

she still takes pride in her actions. Her pride is elevated because the act was done

independently. On the other hand, Torvald still sees Nora as an

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