Henry V by William Shakespeare Essay

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The Webster Dictionary defines leadership as “the power or ability to lead other people” (Webster). According to West Point graduate and former Allied Commander, Dwight D. Eisenhower, leadership is a power or ability, it includes the qualities of “vision, integrity, courage, understanding, the power of articulation, and profundity of character” that make a great leader. In Shakespeare’s Henry V, the protagonist King Henry, obtained greatness from such qualities which inspired his men to follow him without hesitation, even when faced with deplorable odds. King Henry’s strong sense of duty, commitment to his men and desire to win, enabled his victory over the French. Such desire and will to win would have not been possible for King Henry …show more content…
The King worries about his son’s lack of decorum and wonders what will happen to his kingdom when the unworthy prince inherits his crown.
Shakespeare’s Henry V opens with England’s most important religious leaders— Canterbury and Ely, declaring Henry’s transformation a “blessing” and nothing short of a “miracle” (1.1.38). Henry spent his previous years with “unlettered, rude, and shallow” friends and filled his hours with “riots, banquets, sports” (1.1.6). Growing out of an immature, youthful prince, Harry begins to understand the extent of what he will rule one day. When the time comes, being a successful ruler has nothing to do with being a nice person or doing the right thing. Instead, it is about being inventive, charismatic, willful, and energetic. According to the Machiavelli’s theory, a leader like King Henry should be “feared rather than loved, have support of the people, hold good virtues, and should be intelligent” (Juarez). Prince Hal must learn his political role as King in order to live and rule in a political climate of his same time. In time, Shakespeare presents dramatic reformation on stage. Prince Hal’s father passes away, and it is up to King Henry now, to rule during an uncertain time in dealing with the French and Scottish who threatens Britain’s borders.
King Henry V continues to reform throughout the play. The once rabblerousing Prince is finally crowned and must rely on his

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