History of Disease Essay

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A man named Leeuwenhoek was looking through a microscope. The microscope, which could magnify few hundred times has allowed him to see various materials that he had never seen before. This step of using a microscope has allowed him to discover the world of microbes that includes pathogens that are responsible for the deaths of millions of human lives. Throughout the history of humanity, people could not give a clear explanation why people became ill. In fact, the majority of people believed that illnesses were caused by evil spirits! Superstitions also came where people thought illnesses came from imbalance between four fluids in the body. This led people to practice many inefficient ways of treatment. Yet, as the human society …show more content…
They eventually succeeded when they tested using identical atmosphere of ancient Earth and proved that prebiotic evolution, or process from inorganic to organic to life occurred in Earth (Zimmerman, 2003). As life emerged on Earth, the first organism was bacteria. Rita Coswell of the University of Maryland stated that there are about three hundred thousand and one million different species of bacteria and most are not pathogenic (Zimmerman, 2003). However, there are pathogenic bacteria that have killed great deal of people and scientists are trying to counterattack. These scientist include some of the greatest ones like Robert Koch. Edward Jenner is an England surgeon and he initially started using an effective procedure of immunization called vaccination. In this process, identical or same germ is inserted in a person's body to produce immunity. Jenner's initial start of vaccination have saved many people. A different gifted scientist named Louis Pasteur worked further into immunization and other Jenner's works. He experimented with chicken cholera germs and he figured out that all germs or certainly many germs could be weakened, or attenuated, by one method or another to provide a vaccine (Zimmerman 2003). Pasteur not only did found this chicken cholera vaccine, he also found other vaccines. For example, he discovered a vaccine for bacteria called a lethal disease called anthrax. Yet, Pasteur's Rabies

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