History of Mission Schools in South Africa Essay

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Education and training in South Africa in the nineteenth century by voreë sendingsgenootskappe started . It is noticed that there was a shortage of teaching in Christian norms and values among the blacks , coloreds and slaves, and therefore the mission schools hoofsaklik directed to these groups to educate people .
Different mission schools established and the primary goal was to these people to the Christian faith brought to repentance and to teach the children to read and write . Their approach was as the children could read and write , they could read the Bible and understand it better . This Christian -based education they received was mostly in English and has enabled them to live in peace and to act together with
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Pupils of different racial groups and many were slaves themselves . There was conflict among slave owners and missionary schools , because when slaves were converted and baptized , they are free as in the Bible . It made slaves freed from their obligations as slaves .

Mission schools were well equipped and clean . Great leaders in South Africa itself also in missionary schools educated as former president Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo .

The effect of missionary schools in the establishment of Christian National Education during the years of Apartheid .

During the Boer War in South Africa, missionary schools and stopped because women and children in concentration camps out , there were other ways be found to teach children . Way schools are established camp but soon after the war camps disbanded as abandoned . After that Africans forced into English school to go to state schools , but Africans were unhappy and wanted to get education in their own language and with a Christian foundation . This kept private schools established under the leadership of missions and war leaders .

The CNO schools has increased in the country and the standard of education was equal to that of public schools in British control . The schools have the same standards as mission schools followed . Later years because of increased the growth is incorporated mission schools at state schools . The British government believed they could control so the Africans and English

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