Essay on Hitler's Coming to Power in Germany

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Hitler's Coming to Power in Germany

During Hitler’s adolescent years he became obsessed with politics and spent most of his time reading and studying the writings of political fascists such as Hegel, Nietschke and Trietscke. Although many philosophers influenced Hitler’s ideas, most of them came from the writings of a political extremist named Lanz Von Lieberfels. Hitler believed that all people were divided into two groups – Aryan superman and sub-humans, the worst of who were Jews. His goal in life was eliminate or enslave all the non-Aryan people to make a perfect nation that would rule the world. Hitler of course, would be the ultimate ruler.

In 1913 Hitler moved to Munich, Bavaria, to
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The last condition of the treaty of Versailles declared that Germany was to get a democratic government in power. Germany elected a fully democratic government that would rule from Weimar and therefore be known as the Weimar government.

Returning to Munich after the war, Hitler mixed with racist and political agitators, where his hatred of the Jews became intensified, as did his hatred of the leaders of the Weimar republic. Hitler enlisted in the espionage section of an army regiment, and was assigned to spy on political parties. In September 1919, Hitler investigated the German Worker’s Party, and decided to join it. Soon, Hitler took over the group and changed its name to the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, more commonly known as the Nazi Party. They were to be identified by the Swastika and the Hail Salute.

‘The Great Crash’ of 1929 in America, quickly spread throughout the whole capitalist world, including Germany. The American investors recalled their short-term loans from Germany. The German economy depended on loans. Without American loans, production dropped and their exports also declined. Faced with economic hardship, the German lost any faith they might have had in the democratic republic. The people soon turned to the two extreme parties, the Nazis and the communists. However, the communists got more support and this worried

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