Ho Chi Minh Essay

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Ho Chi Minh
Nguyen Sinh Cung. Aguyen Tat Thanh. Nguyen Ai Quoc. Ho Chi Minh. One brilliant man belongs to all these names. In his younger life he worked a variety of jobs and traveled to many foreign places. As time goes on he becomes a popular communist. Ho Chi Minh was a visionary in North Vietnam, and he wouldn’t stop until he made South and North Vietnam one. In efforts to unite them he led North Vietnam to war against South Vietnam. His pursuit of a united Vietnam was powered by his determination, quick wits, and courage. (Duiker 15-577)
May 19, 1890 Ho Chi Minh was born in a small village, Kim Liem, in central Vietnam. His birth name was Nyuyen Sinh Cung. Raised in poverty, he attended a school in Hue. Ho Chi Minh became a teacher,
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warships that were doing a routine patrol in the Golf of Tonkin. He placed the order because he felt the Americans needed to be put in their places and pay the consequences for their aggression. Ho Chi Minh’s efforts to scare the U.S were useless; this attack gave the United States a reason to get involved in the Vietnam War. Later in the year Ho Chi Minh wanted to negotiate with the United States but realized that they were non negotiable at this time. Since the United States refused to negotiate, Ho Chi Minh felt the need to use larger scale military forces, which he had hoped he would never have to use. (Duiker 540-543)
By 1965 Ho Chi Minh’s health began to fail, and he was no longer able to participate in military strategy, but was politically active in the Politburos, communist political meeting, and was able to meet with other countries’ leaders. He warned the Vietnamese people not to underestimate the United States threat, but to meet them with strength. At this time Ho Chi Minh realized that anti Americans attitude could work in his favor. He set out to expose the United States untruthful reporting of the war. He hoped the anti American opinions with increased fighting would strengthen his position. During this time he was meeting with Chinese and Soviet Union leaders, the Soviet leaders agreed to form allies with North Vietnam, and provide them with all necessary support and assistance. Unfortunately for Ho Chi Minh, his meeting

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