How Cell Phone Use has Become a Subculture Essay example

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What would you do if you didn’t have your cellphone? A majority of today’s people would not even know what to do. Cellular phones are a part of almost everybody’s life and a major part of society today, but it never used to be like that. In the beginning phones was a way to communicate with other people when they called if they happened to be home or if people wanted to get in touch with you then, they had to leave a message with your office or on your answering machine. Most people do not stop to consider that cell phones are considered to be subculture and have changed our lives in many positive and negative ways.
The use of the cell phone is considered as subculture when referring to the youth. This device is becoming a cultural
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You do not have to wait until evening, when you or who you are going to call will be at home, or find a telephone booth to call someone, if you have to tell them something important or just talk to them.
Next, cell phones are also a positive impact by cases of an emergency. Research says 40% of cell owners said they found themselves in an emergency situation in which having their phone with them helped (Smith, 2011). Cell phones can supply us with safekeeping and security. In an event of an emergency or loss of a phone, they have tracking devices in them which can allow others to connect with you quickly, locate you, and could possibly save your life. If you feel uncertain about something has happened to you or someone near you, you can get help by calling or even texting. Also, patients are more likely to survive when emergency services are called from a mobile phone rather than a landline. They found around 137 more lives are saved per 100,000 patients when emergency services are called from a mobile phone in the critical moments after the onset of an acute illness or injury compared to a landline phone (Mobile Phones Proven…, 2012)
But all opinions are different and never the same. Even some people consider that cell phones have a negative influence on us. For example, lots of time talking on a cell phone causes harmful and dangerous microwave radiation to a person’s brain, according to some studies. This can affect the patterns of a person’s

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