How The Movie A Few Good Men And The Play Antigone Found Honor In What

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It is not uncommon for the Civil Law to conflict with Honor. This means that the laws of people, jobs, countries, and duties usually establish a problem with the glory, or respect of people and their self-will, because there are different views of something on each side.
This statement is true because many aspects of life involve standing up for what you believe in, while going against the laws of what you have to follow, even though the civil people don’t have any patience for any excuses. In the play Antigone by Sophicles, and the movie A Few Good Men, by Aaron Sorkin, Antigone, Dawson and Downy stand up for what they think is right at that moment, and go against the laws they were to follow.
The Greek Tragic Hero Antigone is
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“Well, what do you say-you, hiding your head there; do you admit or deny the deed (Creon line
370-371).” Creon tries to make Antigone confess to her wrongdoing, and she in fact-does confess to it, because she is proud of what she did and won’t deny it. Antigone knows what she did was right and won’t let a cruel punishment get in her way. It could be that
Creon does not even care what Antigone’s reason for burying Polynices was, all Creon really cares about is finding the verdict and sentencing them to death, even if they are part of his family. As a result of Creon being so cruel and unjustified, Antigone takes her own life and Haeman takes his life as well, because there was so much depression and sadness between them. Even though Antigone shows great honor and did what was right for her family, she still went against the civil law and will be punished for it.
The movie is very similar to the play by having Harold Dawson and Louden
Downy stand up for what they believe is right. Dawson and stood up for what he believed in and at the same time knew that he had to follow an order. When Dawson and
Downy followed the order of their commander to perform the Code Red, they also went against the civil law because Code Red’s are not permitted, and they killed Santiago and were arrested because of it. “Docit. number 411275VR-5. The United States vs. Lance
Corporal Harold W. Dawson and Private first-class Louden Downy. The accused

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