Essay about How to Use Bandages

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When preparing to bandage a wound, always choose the proper bandage type for the wound or surface that will be bandaged. Make certain that the bandage is wide enough to cover the surface area. Always sanitize your hand prior to applying the bandage. I will tell you how to apply a bandage to the right arm. When applying the circular bandage, use your left hand to hold the bandage in place at the starting point and wrap from left to right around the site in a circular motion. Keep the bandage close to the surface area as you wrap, unrolling as you circle around the affected site. You will continue to wrap the bandage smoothly around until all the bandage is on the surface. We do not want kinks in the bandage wrapping. This is …show more content…
Also check digits of finder for flex response. Document the procedure in the patient chart. Spiral reverse bandaging would begin from the top part of the arm going down to the wrist with the same spiral motion. Sanitize hand before beginning the process. Remove the clips or tape and roll the bandage back into a roll as you un-wrap the arm, until you reach the wrist. In this process you are doing the exact opposite of applying the bandage. Document the procedure in the patient chart. Figure-of-eight wrappings are used sometimes with the ankle or hand. After sanitizing hands, choose bandage. For the figure-of-eight wrapping, the bandage will not be as wide. Begin from the bottom of the foot (midway between heel and toe) and wrap around once in a circular motion from right to left. After securing the bandage, wrap up around the ankle bone from right to left. When completing this process, always make certain the bandage is smooth. Bring the bandage around and wrap down toward the mid part of the foot, not all the way even with the other wrapping. Leave a border and continue wrapping over the ankle bone, just a little higher, leaving a border. Wrap around and down toward the center of the foot and back up again. Each time, the bandage will be less even and leave simile of a crisscross until the bandaging is complete. Secure bandage with a clip or tape. Insert fingers to insure wrapping is not too tight. Document the procedure in the

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