Essay about Human Intelligence is not Based on Genes

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Based on Nisbett, experience and environments has a greater impact on people’s intelligence than biology. In some case, scientists have implied that the point difference in IQ is due to a genetic difference between races. However, research has demonstrated that the evidence profoundly favors the view that race differences in I.Q., the measure of intellectual functioning, are in fact environmental rather than genetic. According to Wade, Tavris, and Garry, they seem to also agree with Nisbett in that experience and environments has a greater impact on people’s intelligence. An example they gave was the tomato. Even though both seeds are genetically different from one another, the average differences between the two pots could be …show more content…
For example in the article All Brains Are the Same Color, we hypothesize if European genes gives African American individuals an advantage, then we should expect the smartest blacks would have the substantial European heritage. However, after some blood-typing tests, we can conclude that there is no association between European heritage and I.Q.

Based on the article Our Human Diversity: The Case of Intelligence, the three features of children’s environments that affect their intelligence are poor prenatal care, malnutrition, and exposure to toxins. Prenatal care means a child could be physically and mentally harm in the womb if the mother does watch what she inhales or consumes. This includes contracting infections, doing drugs, expose to secondhand smoke, or regular alcohol consumptions. Due to remnants of segregation and racial discrimination, children of different ethnicity are often inflicted with malnutrition. This can mean in terms of food, education, encouragement by society, and intellectual opportunities. This can result in a score difference as high as 20 points. When a child is exposed to toxins, predominately the poor and minorities, it can damage the brain and nervous system. Even low levels toxins that are believed to be “safe” can affect a child’s aptitude to learn.

The study I found most compelling was in both articles, the story about the two soldiers during World War II; a black and white American soldier

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