Essay on Human Rights Violations in Honduras

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Honduras is a country in Central America suffering from various human rights violations. People living in Honduras are being killed by military and police forces, they are not given a proper justice system, and their president does nothing about these problems. Honduras has close to no government. The people living in Honduras are allowed to do anything they want and get away with it, while nothing seems to be getting done to stop this problem. This creates very dangerous living conditions for every person living in Honduras. You cannot have a society without any rules and expect anything to go smoothly. We should care about the issues that are going on in Honduras because it currently is a society that is unable to develop or make the …show more content…
This prevents any help with the problems from the US. Honduras being without a proper justice system is violating the human right to be legally protected as equal as everyone else. The president of Honduras does not do anything to help with the problems Hondurans are facing. Why does Honduras even have a president if the terrible things that happen in Honduras still continue to occur with nothing being done about it? According to Fox, the president of Honduras has created human rights administration, but analysis and studies show a huge difference between what he says he is doing to help and the reality of what is happening. Under the president many people have been killed (Fox). Before Honduras’s current president, they removed their president, Zeleya, who was labeled as a communist and conditions still did not improve (Perry). Something needs to be done if who is supposed to prevent the crime and chaos in the country cannot do that. Honduras is in need of serious help. The president is the root of all these issues. Hondurans are not able to live their lives to fullest due to these conditions. Every human should be able to live their life happily and be able to pursue the dreams they have, no matter what sex, skin color, religion, or sexual orientation or anything that defines them as a person. In Honduras extremely high amounts of people are being killed every day, some even by military and police.

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