Essay about Human Rights Violations

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The idea of forced labor conjures up sights of people in shackles being led off to perform hard labor to pay back debts. No more. The modern picture of forced labor might be young girls working long hours as indentured servants to cruel employers, or sewing long hours in sweat shops for a mere pittance of what their time is worth, or more often young girls living in hovels and being forced to perform acts of prostitution against their will. All over the globe, young women are the current faces of forced labor and debt bondage. Some of the girls in these cases have been duped into volunteering for this type of servitude by being promised a better life with lots of money and good working conditions. But most often the young girls have either …show more content…
Even though the Northern Mariana Islands fly under the US flag, their labor standards, and minimum wages do not have to comply with our US standards. The CNMI government retains a prominent US law firm - paying over $4.25 million for lobbying efforts to forestall implementation of federal labor, immigration and minimum wage laws in the CNMI. The Northern Mariana Islands are the only US territory that has local control over both immigration & naturalization and minimum wage. The government there has repeatedly reneged on its promises to US federal authorities to equalize its minimum wage with the federal minimum wage and to reduce the number of nonresident guest workers. All the while, items produced there are entitled to display the "Made in the USA" label. (Global Survival Network, 1999)

In Japan there are in excess of 22,000 Thai women overstaying visas according to the Japanese Immigration Bureau. The Thai Embassy claims that 80-90% of these women are in the sex trade business. The majority of them have left Thailand voluntarily with the promise of waitressing or factory jobs. To their surprise, they quickly learn of their "debt". They are soon sold to a broker with the money they make and their tips being confiscated by their bosses. They often become sick or pregnant, with their cost of treatment being added to their "debt". If they contract AIDS it is grounds for resale, being sold to another broker as "fresh". But resale

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