Hyperdimension Neptunia: Video Game Analysis Essay

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It’s too common to see a video game release that takes itself too seriously. When things are taken too seriously and fun is removed from the grand scheme of things, you are left with an industry that recycles old game concepts and does little to introduce fresh ideas to reinvigorate the industry. Every so often a title comes along that turns the gaming world on its head through means of great humor and original conceptual design. Hyperdimension Neptunia is that kind of game.

Taking place in a realm known as GameIndustri, Neptunia makes fun of the home console war and this clever idea creates a pathway for a title to have limitless potential. The idea behind Hyperdimension Neptunia’s main story is brilliant, clever, and has all the
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Lastation has a Steampunk visual décor that some may feel suits Sony, while Lowee is more fantasy based and Nintendo kid-friendly design, then Leanbox has a very western styling that’s very reminiscent of a pre-Renaissance era.

When it comes to characters, though, the game doesn’t hold back the humor as every company that had a part in the title’s development has a character inspired by their repertoire of titles: Gust has an alchemist character, NISA has a flat-chested ninja, while Idea Factory’s IF and Compile Heart’s Compa take the starring roles alongside Neptune. Each character represents their respective company with great humor and each has plenty of personality. Pending your history and familiarity with each company and their software, the humor will impact you differently. The game's humor is targeted at a specific fanbase and those within it will love the humor, but anyone outside of it will fail to find most of the game's humor and lose out on the game's strongest attribute.

Those familiar with Idea Factory’s last PS3 title, Trinity Universe, will feel very comfortable in the way battle and exploration is done. Virtually identical in every facet, there are only slight differences that keep them from being exact copies of each other. Exploration is the same and is conducted via a menu system where you’ll navigate through locations, dungeons, and be told story details. With a slight sense of freedom to navigate through

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