Hypothetical Designs Essay

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Qualitative Design
According to Creswell, a case study is when “the researcher explores in depth a [case which can be a] program, an event, an activity, a process, or one or more individuals” (Creswell, 2003, p.15). According to Stake (1995) and Yin (2003), there are at least three criteria that make case studies an excellent approach these include answering how and why questions, when the researcher intends to be embedded in the setting, and when the activities being studied are current, not historical. The research questions proposed for this study fit all three of the criteria.
This research design includes the case study of four third-grade teachers that have assigned to a “residency” with a literacy coach. This multi-case study
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This study will rely heavily on the collection of numerical data and having that data analyzed via statistical relationships. The descriptive nature of the study is in effect because its focus is “not on how to ferret out cause-and-effect relationships but rather on describing the variables that exist in a given situation, and sometimes, on how to describe the relationships that exist among those variables” (Johnson & Christensen, 2000, p.302). The study will be correlational because the relationship among quantitative variables will be studied. The purposes of correlational research are “typically to learn about the relationships among variables and to make predictions based on an understanding of the relationships” (Johnson & Christensen, 2000, p.26). The study will utilize a web-based questionnaire for data collection. A survey developed by the researcher to determine the perceived relationship between principal professional development and the utilization of the literacy coach. This questionnaire will have two sections. The first designed to gather demographic information and the second section will direct the participant to assign a perceived value to a specific professional development activity by designating a number from a five-point Likert scale.

Action Research Design Action research was chosen for this research study

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