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What we say is very essential, but other nonverbal cues are equally vital. Nonverbal communication is an important part of our daily managerial interactions, and one set of statistics suggests 55 percent of the message comes from appearance, facial expression, and posture (Hynes, 181). In a business environment it is essential present confidence. Your professional abilities can be undermined because of the way you look or behave, even the smallest things can sabotage your image (Myers, 2011). Managers and employees need to present a professional image in the way they dress, mannerisms and how they speak. It is equally important for managers to understand nonverbal signals to understand what employees are trying to communicate.
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I remember how relieved I was to be in the inconspicuous again. I knew what I said made sense, but I also realized I didn’t sound very confident. When we hung up the call my boss turned and looked at me and said “What happened there, it’s like I lost you?” He said I physically shrunk as soon as he hit the speakerphone button. My body language portrayed a person that was not certain. Even though I was sure of my data, my mannerism expressed the opposite. It was then I realized I had to work on more than my speaking skills. A few years later, same company I had been recently promoted. Suddenly the people who used to be my peers now were my direct reports. We were a small department and our boss required that at least one of the three accounting clerks be in the office at all times. Usually it wasn’t a problem but I knew there was going to be one soon. One of my staff was going to be out of the office for two weeks for medical reasons. I also knew the other two were friends and they both would want to take a few days off around President’s Day weekend to go on their annual snow-mobile trip in Upstate New York. Anticipating their requests I did meet with my boss and inquired if we could make an exception to the policy. I could cover all the slots for a day or two, but she didn’t feel comfortable with that arrangement. I received the first request from “Mitch” and I approved his time off. About a

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