I Want to Buy Real Food Essay

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Americans now a day rely more on generic food because it taste quite the same as those original brand foods, and they also save money; however, it is also causing obesity due to them buying more unhealthy food for that extra money they have. Although not all generic food is necessarily fattening, sometimes that is the only type of food they could afford to buy because organic food is more expensive due to the type of brand or the superstore that they are being provided. I think that organic food should become more cheaper, instead of becoming only an option for those who are wealthy and have the money to spend on healthier food. Due to the economic crisis people have been buying generic food (which is basically an imitation from the …show more content…
Yes, everything depends on oil production, and we are not one of the greatest providers of it, and like Jill Richardson said, “we basically eat oil because it takes oil to plant, harvest, transport and process, and when oil prices rise, food prices are soon to follow”.
This brings me back to my point of high organic food prices. In the article The (Still) High Cost of Organic Food it said that the organic market we know began evolving in the 1960’s and 70’s, when rising environmental awareness led to a backlash against pesticides and increased demand for “green” products ( Harrison, Christy). Due to the fact that people are not only starting to get concerned with the environment, but they are also now more concerned about their personal health, some farmers stopped using harmful pesticide that people did not even know about, thus ending in people getting sick and having a bad health. Now, that everyone knew the truth about the pesticides and how it affect their health and their environment, people are willing to spend more money on their production of groceries because that would mean a better quality of produce and the fields where the food is being cultivated is taken care of in a more appropriate way. I think that is good that we started producing more organic food to decrease the environmental issues, but

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