Essay on Ideas To Help Solve The Foreclosure Crisis

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I wonder if as a family opens the door to their new home, a place where they have holiday dinners, celebrate birthday parties or just are able to say “Home”, understands the importance of their investment. One of the most important investments in a person’s life is purchasing a home. Whether it’s a first-time home buyer or a veteran, buying a home is a complex process. Figuring out how much you can afford, learning your rights, shopping for loans, these are a few steps in the home buying process that when learned correctly, can produce a successful homeowner. Learning how to take care of something as special as a home takes time and effort from all those who are present in the home. As the country deals with the economy and the war, the …show more content…
Students will have access to create a mock home from the ground up and purchase a vehicle to go to work with the required paperwork (driver’s license, insurance etc). With a set income which can change with the on-site instructors’ criteria and details students will work in teams of four for the course. This way student will become discipline in areas of investments, money management, researching, team work, marketing, and negotiating and gain good communication skills in high school that will impact their lives forever. In result, students will be able to support their families and avoid problems that may arise later in their lives. Students will also gain trust values and responsibility techniques that will help their ability to listen and understand people’s needs which reflects good positive conduct. This will help not only in school behaviors, but also in their work environment and personal relationships. I believe students now are becoming more eager to learn and be responsible and they have the potential to take care of responsibilities. This course will have a one-on-one real estate professional support system that will be connected via email for the constant assistance to know the process is going correctly.
The next idea I came up with to help solve the foreclosure crisis is to make it mandatory to consolidate home and auto insurance plans for first time home owners. Home and auto investments are very important as is. They should

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