Essay Illusion in The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Illusion in The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Before writing The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald must have done thoughtful and extensive research. This is apparent because, to explore the novel's main theme, 'The American Dream', he chose to place it in the 1920s. This was, indeed, a perfect time slot because the 20s were notorious for the numerous ways in which they influenced the public. These years served as a defining point for many aspects of everyday life such as wealth, social status, and general 'success'. The American population during this time became obsessed with the term 'success' and exactly what it meant to be 'successful'. That was the common goal for just about everyone who lived during this time. Life was
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Daisy decided that she had to leave Gatsby behind and go on with her life. In many ways, this was the worst thing that she could have done to Gatsby. After she left, he tried to follow her, "he says he's read a Chicago paper for years just on the chance of catching a glimpse of Daisy's name. (pg. 84)", but she was out of touch. Gatsby wanted Daisy back so much that he would do anything to keep his sorry past where it should be: in the past. He needed to change his life to keep his love with him. The first turning point in Gatsby's life occurred when he found out that Daisy was getting married. The man who had taken her away from him was named Tom Buchanan. In a sense, He was everything Gatsby wanted to be. Tom was rich, successful, and most importantly, he had just acquired the one thing that Gatsby loved most in the world: Daisy. Gatsby decided that he needed to change his life to win Daisy back. Gatsby assumed that the reason Daisy had left him was because he was poor and had a less than satisfactory background. Thus, he forced himself to climb out of the hole of his childhood and shed his outer shell in order to create a whole new name for himself. He changed his name to Jay Gatsby and began to make his mark on society. The only thing that makes Gatsby different from everyone else in the 1920s was that he did not want 'it all' for himself. He HAD to achieve

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