Implementing Technology Into Instructional Routines Essay

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The theoretical framework, involves the works of Dewey (1916/1997), Papert (1993/2001), Piaget (1973), Vygotsky (1978) and Augustin & Huang, (2002). The use of social constructivism (SC) will play a pivotal role in building collaborative relationships between teachers and their students. In addition, this framework will also apply Swan and Dixon's (2006) teachers’ technology attitude scale (TAS) to determine wireless laptop training needs for K-12 teachers. As anticipated by the theory of social constructivism, technology into the classroom produces a network of social learning agents. Papert’s (1993) prediction of computers transforming education proves to be true with the demands placed K–12 schools to integrating technology in …show more content…
Reality- SC suggests the social construction of reality will necessitate the use of instructional models that promotes collaborative learning, encourage the process of using existing knowledge structure, and provide differentiating learning opportunities (Aggabao, 2010). 2. Knowledge- SC promotes the contrast of the banking theory of learning in which teachers fill impressionable students with knowledge, active and independent learning using internal references to prepare learners with the confidence needed to carry knowledge beyond the classroom—or beyond the virtual lesson in the study—into the world (Beck, Kosnik, 2006; Vatti, 2008). 3. Learning- SC promotes teaching with a curriculum model which requires learners to play an active role (Piaget, (1954/1973) in through a social context, while discovering the sought after knowledge (Bulunuz, 2007; Ryu & Parsons, 2009) through differentiated instruction that construct an assessable active collaborative effective instructional approaches (Weston & Bain, 2010). 4. Intersubjectivity - SC suggest the use of constructive approaches in the instructional practice through shared understanding between teacher-teacher, teacher-student,

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