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Importance of Organizational Behavior Organizational Behavior

The environment of business is always changing. With increases in workload and responsibilities, managers have found that their importance in the work environment has also increased. In order to help managers and supervisors learn more about the complexity of the new workforce many different areas of study have been developed. One area of study that has increased in importance over the years is the study of organizational behavior. In order to understand the importance of organizational behavior, we must first define exactly what organizational behavior is and what it covers. Organizational behavior is the study of attitudes and behavior of individuals and groups
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This understanding can help future managers obtain a successful career in the business world. The most frequent problem that managers face is often described as "people" problems (Robbins 1). Since the job of a manager requires working with and through other people the development of good "people skills" become a valuable and essential asset. Organizational behavior helps to refine these "people skills" and make managers more effective to their supervisors and subordinates alike. One are of concern in organizational behavior deals with employee job satisfaction, which is an attitude. The reason managers should be concerned with employee job satisfaction are based on three areas of thought. First, there is a definite link between satisfaction and worker productivity. A happy worker is willing to work harder and for the company. Second, satisfaction appears to be negatively related to absenteeism and turnover rate. A worker that is happy with their job is more likely to show up at all scheduled times. Finally, it can be agreed that managers have a humanistic responsibility to provide their employees with jobs that are challenging, intrinsically rewarding and satisfying (Robbins 2). These are just a couple of examples of why studying organizational behavior is important to the career of future managers throughout the working world.

Organizational behavior as a studied

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