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Socioeconomic status, gender, race and lifestyles are the four major sociocultural factors that affect health and illness. Industrialization has affected all four factors in a fashion that has drastically changed the makeup of the whole institution of health care. As a result of these changes in the health care system of the United States, human health in general, has also changed. Some would argue that the industrialization has made leaps in respect to the advancement of technology and modern medicine practice. Yet still others would point out that these advancements do not benefit every one. The author of “Social Problems” discusses the benefits of industrialization on human health, while
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In contrast men tend to stick to traditional roles, which result in more stressful and dangerous careers. In short the impact that industrialization has on gender is obvious, especially in the discussion of health.

The third element that describes the impact of the industrialization on human health is the socioeconomic status of the individual. Sullivan states, Those who are lower on such things as income, educational achievements, and occupational status generally have substantially higher disease rates and death rates than do their more affluent counterparts (122).

This statement is true considering that an individuals income determines the quality of health care that is received. Although its not necessarily so, ones education determines how one takes interest in personal health and the health of others. For example the ozone problem becomes an issue that educated people understand and want to find a solution for.

Finally is race, the last factor that has been affected by industrialization and which also has an impact on health. Most studies in this field have only compared blacks and whites. The conclusion has been that even though some blacks have the opportunity to receive better health care, most do not. This is because race is associated with socioeconomic status, and blacks are very low in

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