Essay on Industrial Organizational Psychology

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During the late nineteenth century the compulsion to study and measure human motives and capabilities came about followed with the birth of the concept Industrial organizational psychology (Industrial/Organizational psychology, n.d.). Industrial organizational psychology, eminently referred to as I/O psychology, is the extension of psychology that applies psychological theories and the principles of organizations (Cherry, n.d.). Converging on the increasing workplace productivity and other issues related to the mental and physical well being of the employees (Cherry, n.d.). Psychologists evaluate companies and conduct leadership training based on the observations of employee behavior and attitudes that populate the company (Cherry, …show more content…
From this opportunity a new intelligence test came to light, known as the Army Alpha (Industrial/Organizational psychology, n.d.). Unfortunately little use was manifested from the testing of 1,726,000 enlisted men and officers that had been tested as the war ended a sheer three months after the testing program and been set into motion (Industrial/Organizational psychology, n.d.).

Once the war concluded the U.S. Bureau of Salesmanship Research, a center for studying the applications of psychology to business, was established at the Carnegie Institute of Technology (Industrial/Organizational psychology, n.d.). The new center was funded extensively by the life insurance industry for the purpose of conducting research for the selection and development of clerical and executive personnel as well as sales people (Industrial /Organizational psychology, n.d.).

The year 1924 brought about a new direction that was headed up by the Hawthorne experiments, named dually by the Western Electric Company’s Hawthorne plant located in Chicago where the studies were conducted (McCarthy, 2002.). The experiments were originally conceived in order to test the optimal level of illumination necessary for workers to produce telephone equipment (Industrial /Organizational psychology, n.d.). It was predetermined from this test “the one-best-way” would become known, however researchers learned that the level of productivity increased after each change in lighting regardless of how

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