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articulate the ethics, values and foundational principles of library and information professionals and their role in the promotion of intellectual freedom;

The foundational principles of information professionals are the code of ethics and the core values of the American Library Association. ALA is the main organization of our professional and leads the field on developing our values and ethics.

As information professionals we are not supposed to question where the moral grey area is and deny materials for certain patrons. Should we give sensitive materials to underage patrons? Yes, it’s good to have morals but the ethics of the profession demand that if a user is seeking out questionable information it is not your job to deny their
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The county library coordinator stood firm and articulated the statements of the American Library Association.

This means that the public have the right to check out the materials they wish to, even if these materials would be considered inappropriate or by some, or if an issue arises in which a group may wish to remove or ban the materials in question.

In the end the then current board of supervisors for the county pulled the books from all of the county libraries. This item removal shocked the Manga world. Not only was this removal wrong but also removal and news only helps to promote a book. Although this material was not a good fit for this patron another user may not consider it inappropriate.

It is the job of the information professional to defend the rights of library users to read, seek information, and speak freely as guaranteed by the First Amendment. To have a publicly supported library that provides free and equal access to information for all people of that community. To enjoy this basic right in our democratic society. These are the core values of librarians and the code of ethics of the American Library Association. ALA acts as a guide in leading ethical developments in our profession.

Banning Books and Censorship
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