Essay on Information Systems in the Construction Industry

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This report aims to shed light on the use of Information Systems in the Construction Industry in regards to what it adds to a given company’s “value chain” and its relationships to organisational strategy and competitive advantage.
The construction industry is one the biggest sectors in the UK economy, and the world, contributing about 10% to the UK’s GDP and continuous to grow despite the recent economic downturn. The global construction market is facing changes as various businesses are still reacting to 2008 economic crisis. The Sector itself is moving towards a period that is becoming more dominated by the digital age and centring itself more so on sustainability and greener technologies. The construction sector’s response to these
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These programs can also help in project estimation, forecasting, and risk management. (3)
One Construction Company which is focusing heavily on the implementation of IT systems in order to gain a competitive advantage in the changing climate is Balfour Beatty. Balfour Beatty plc is an infrastructure group which was formed in 1909 by George Balfour and Andrew Beatty and have grown to be the biggest contractor in the UK providing professional design and engineering services, construction services and maintenance. It is their innovation and ability to change and implement new strategies coupled with their close relationship with their suppliers that kept them competitive. Balfour Beatty spends two thirds of their revenue in procuring goods and services from suppliers whereby these relationships is integral to the delivery of their projects. Their approach is in becoming the “costumer of choice” for the best suppliers by associating themselves with the better performing suppliers and striving to improve in areas that are important to their shareholders.
A crucial way in which Balfour Beatty remains competitive in this market is their increasing reliance on BIM (Building Information Technology). BIM is a model-based process and one of the first global digital construction technologies which will soon be utilised in every country in the world. BIMs are files which cover physical and functional characteristics of projects giving an increasing awareness into

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