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Innovative Foreclosure Ideas Scholarship Program

Innovative Foreclosure Ideas

The modern day Robin Hood, in today’s real estate economy would be the promissory note investors, which is willing to take that opportunity as an investor in buying the promissory note and giving the homeowner the ability to stay in their homes by repaying the mortgage payment to the investors. Understanding that foreclosure crisis not only affects the mortgage companies lets keep in mind it also affects the consumer. As a current homeowner, I too admit I trusted the real estate lender, broker to explain all the details of the mortgage loan, as with doctors and lawyers. We are living in a world that keeps you struggling for
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Why can’t the mortgage companies or government see that it would be feasible to divide and conquer, make the choice to assist the homeowner as did the mortgage company by dividing that stimulus package up between the banks/mortgage companies as well as the consumers’. Better yet, there are more than 300 investors out there willing to carry back a real estate promissory note if the mortgage companies will negotiate with the investors making this a satisfying opportunity for the homeowner, bankers, mortgages, and investors.
Simply said, where the rules are created, it too can be changed to help the people, for the people. I see rules are governed, but to what degree. The foreclosure crisis can get better; in my belief if you establish the boundaries in which the homeowners that treasurer being homeowners the rule of thumb giving them the opportunity to continue to live with not worrying about 5 years from now if they will have a home to live in. There should be a precedence in which foreclosure (families of real crisis living objective supersedes under real estate.) will be demolished to allow homeowners a fresh start to feel confident again about being a home owner. It’s a win-win opportunity for the consumer and even the banks and mortgage companies. Give the consumer the tools to get back on track with foreclosed homes. Have the mortgage company send them the entire package of what’s needed to get

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