Essay on Intercultural Studies

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Now, cultural misunderstandings are justifiably blamed for the failure of many international joint ventures, resulting in much personal stress and financial loss. Although culture is a difficult subject to learn, we have to learn it necessary, and there are three reasons that why intercultural studies has become a requisite subject in many countries; the increasing international people, the view of culture and development of business and society.

First of all, the reason is development of business and society. ‘Culture norms refer to the collective expectations of what make up proper or improper behaviour in a given situation. They serve as the standards or a set of rules for what we should or should not do in a conflict scene ‘(Stella
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Those things are important, and they can learn from intercultural studies.

Moreover, the reason is the increasing international people. ‘Immigration continued at an unprecedented rate throughout the early 20th century, peaking in 1914 when 1218489 immigrants entered the United States.’ (Cherry A. McGee Banks, pp11) Nowadays, every places education and society gains made by immigrants who go to these countries study and work at the time of developing century from another country. In this multi-cultural society, the population have becomes more and more, diverse and complex background. Communication between people are more often and nearer. Lots of people who different culture to take part the main society activities; also, the science technology has ever-changing. It constrictive people to people and countries to countries distance, mutual dependence are also getting closer. Hence, educations want to raise this multi-cultural society and teach the concept of this Global Village. Intercultural study is a best subject to everyone learn what society they join, what ethnic group around themselves. It can let people know with each other, chat with other and participation their own culture. Also, enlarge the view and the experience that facing different people. Intercultural studies from the educational institution designed to respond to the needs of many groups, wants and aspirations of the different courses, programs and practice

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