Interventionist or Isolationist? Essay

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Interventionist or Isolationist?

I believe that there is no clear-cut position as to whether we should be Interventionist or Isolationist. It all comes down to circumstances. Almost every conflict the United States had been involved in has been about economics and what our country can gain. We have been one of the world’s greatest powers since the early 1900’s, mainly because of colonialization and domination of world economy.

In World War I, we should have maintained our isolationist policy if possible. The main reason we became involved was because the new expansionist mood of the Axis Powers threatened the global empire we were apparently building. And, the war interfered with our prosperous trade system with the other
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It was Roosevelt’s view that the United States would fare well (economically speaking) whether Europe went to war or not. "Gold was flowing in from Europe’s capitals; orders were mounting daily for equipment and supplies of all kinds; America was building a battleship for Stalin, aero-engines for France" (Overy).
For most of the 1930’s the United states traded as openly with Germany and Japan, as it did with any other country. Japan relied on fuel oil and scrap iron until 1941. Germany was one of the United States’ "most important markets" during the 1930’s. America was steadily regaining the prosperity that had diminished during World War I and the Great Depression. The real concern of American business was not "the rights or wrongs of trading with fascism" but the fear that commercial rivals such as Japan and Germany would exclude American goods from Europe and Asia altogether. Some would point and accuse the united states of being selfish, but one has to understand that any negative actions made would have resulted in the United States being almost if not completely out of the economic race. Would the United States have been as prosperous as it is today had we intervened any earlier? We probably would have not because at that time in history America needed a boost to return to its earlier status of being economically stable which Germany and its allies so adequately provided. Therefore President Roosevelt was not about to go to war with all

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