Investing strategies by age Essay

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Investing Strategies

Pre-Career (16-25) – During this investment period in my life my goal is to have safety of principal while still receiving income. This is a very low risk portfolio strategy. Income will most likely be low because I will hopefully be enrolled in a post secondary education and graduate school. During this time I will be taking very minimal risks by investing in securities such as; T-bills, Canada, government and corporate bonds, stalwarts (blue chips), preferred shares, and possibly two or three small cap stocks in order to diversify my portfolio as well as incorporate some risk into it as well. Blue-chip stocks are very reliable and low risk because they are large companies with millions of assets and a great
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I will want to have my portfolio steady so that I will have money ready for retirement, I at this time will still want some risk to be able to grow more, but I still want to be safe to ensure that I do not loose any large amounts of money. Again by investing in securities such as government and corporate bonds, and low risk stocks such as blue-chip and growth shares, I am financing myself safely and still having some risk involved as well. Having a conservative, balanced, lower risk portfolio will be the best for me during this stage of my life.
Retirement Years (65+) – At this time, I will be finished work and living off my possible pension and savings that I have acquired over my many years of working. All that I want out of the market in this point of my life is some security in T-bills, bonds and possibly preferred shares if a company is doing well. A key that I must utilize during this stage is that I do not know how long I will be around after 65 and I must have securities such as bonds that range over different lengths of time and few stalwart stocks as well. The stalwarts are necessary because they create an income flow for the consumer.
WestJet Airlines – Because WestJet is a potential turnaround stock; the best time to invest in this type of stock would be during the years where I can afford higher risk. Such as the early career years and the establishment years. This is because the turnaround stocks are

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