Essay Is Death Responsible for Diversity?

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Is Death Responsible for Diversity?

Some of the hardest questions we struggle to answer in life surround the phenomenon of death. What happens when we die? Is there something beyond death? Is one way to go better than another? Is it possible to escape death? Why do we die, anyway? Why couldn't we just live forever?

One explanation for death may come from the story of evolution. To explore this question, let us imagine a hypothetical situation, a world in which nothing dies. (We will imagine also, for now, that organisms would continue to evolve along the same trajectory as they do at present.) Every organism that has ever existed in the past would exist now, along with every organism present and every organism that has yet to
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The second law of thermodynamics states that energy tends to go from a state of high concentration to a state of expansion, or being spread out. In other words, there is a tendency to move away from potential energy. As we know it, the sun 'dies', gives off energy. This energy is taken in by plants, which die and fertilize more plants with that energy. They also give energy to any plant-eating animals, which in turn give energy in decomposing to more plants. Organisms give energy to other, carnivorous organisms by being eaten, by dying. There is no way to create something new if some form of work is not done. Energy must be transferred, and the manifestation of this in evolution is the process of death, and consequent creation or new life. It is not possible to acquire something from nothing, the energy must be used, given out, recycled. In the hypothesis version of the world, there is no transfer of energy; there is only accumulation of life. This would quickly exhaust the supply of energy and available space.

Another enormous side effect is that evolution would cease, at least as it exists now. A driving factor for this process is the idea of competition, which relies on a loser, which implies death or extinction. "Indeed, the gist of every selection is to favor individuals that have succeeded in finding

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