Essay on Is Politics the Preserve of Government?

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Politics is a very emotive word and is used by different people to mean different things. There is no unifying theory of politics and hence no set boundaries of what can and cannot be said to be political. It is this ambiguity that makes it impossible to argue that politics is the preserve of government. This is so since preserve is such a precise word and there is always going to be a perspective that can illustrate an example of politics that is outside the governmental sphere. In order that a meaningful conclusion to this question can be gained it is essential to initially define what the question is asking by laying down what definitions of the terms within are to be used. The key word in the debate that the question …show more content…
(Ward, 1995, p.79) Those who use this theory of politics perceive the role of politics to be to mediate between the individuals of a society whose interests are bound to overlap hence preventing conflict from rising out of competition. (Cloonan, 1997) According to Rational Choice theory politics is not then purely found in government as it is the decision-making processes of individuals that bring politics to bear on society. Institutionalists have a very different view on where politics is to be found in society placing it firmly within the: “machinery of government” (Cloonan, 1997) The Institutionalist model perceives the institution of government to be the common sense epicentre of political activity, as it is the area where problems and disputes are reconciled. (Rhodes, 1995, p.42) This approach has a very narrow and precise concept of the political in that it can be found almost exclusively within governmental spheres. Another distinct political ideology is Feminism as it defines the political as occurring within socially cemented gender relations. (Heywood, 1999, p.60) This ideology at its simple level looks into the oppression of women in a male dominated world and seeks to promote the female role in all areas of life. (Vincent,

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