Is Television Ruining America? Essay

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Television has long been a part of American culture. From its conception until today there have been people who believe that television is a waste of time and energy and there have been those in the opposite camp who believe that television should be a part of every American life. There is also a middle ground of people who watch television to keep informed on what’s happening in the world as well as entertained by the latest sitcom, or more popularly today, reality show. In this middle ground, the amount of television watched is moderate, sometimes just turning on the set to catch tomorrow’s weather or the latest sports score, other times sitting down for an extended period. Those in the middle ground don’t believe that television is a …show more content…
That schoolhouse teasing and ridicule makes the children vulnerable to self-esteem issues and when it is considered that children are often a little on the mean side already, giving them ammunition is not really the best idea. According to an article by Chris Sherwood entitled The Effects of Teasing on Children, “Teasing typically zeroes in on characteristics of a child that are considered “different” from others in the school.” (Sherwood, 2011) Children find enough “different” things without being handed more. On the other end, Wendy Kaminer discusses the evils of censoring media in Toxic Media from To The Point. (Muller and Wiener, 2009) In her article, Kaminer states, if censorship laws were to be passed, it might lead to “a docudrama about domestic abuse or abortion, or a coming-of-age story about a gay teen, receiving the same restricted rating as a sleazy movie about a serial murderer.” This is a definite possibility; however, having a rating system to inform the public about the content of a movie or television show would certainly help with making decisions about what your children view. As it stands today, there are relatively few television shows, and even fewer movies, that are suitable for adults or children to view. Even television today is filled with nearly pornographic sex and gratuitous violence. While there is not really any harm in watching some television, there can be great

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