Issues with the American Education System Essay

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There are numerous issues with the American education system from financial issues to unmotivated teachers to unmotivated students. The root of the problem begins with "standardized testing". Standardize test have taken over America with teachers now instructing there students how to pass a test on information that they might never have to use again instead of actually teaching them useful information they can use throughout their lives and for their careers. The standardize test is used so that the government can gauge exactly where our country ranks amongst the rest of the world. The problem is that there is no set standard. The only time in which the nation gauges the youth on the same standard is when they take the SAT's. This test …show more content…
The writing section involves a timed essay writing and a a couple questions about basic grammatical structure. The reading component of the test involves reading short and long passages and then answering the questions pertaining to the document or fixing the structure within the document. By using the same exact test instead of focusing solely on the scores to get into college we can use it to learn how to use it as a measurement of academic success in the U.S.. By focusing on one test altogether all teachers willl be able to compete on the same scale as every other teacher across the nation. This will benefit not only the teachers but students at the same time. Different states have different desires for what they want their students to learn. So If a teacher in California teaches he or she is not going to teach the whole history of Virginia Whereas a Teacher in Virginia will teach on that subject. When a student from Virginia tries to transfer schools the odds of California taking the credits for AP Virginia and Us history is slim. Although the course itself teaches on the topic of US history. The state of California doesn't want its students knowledgeable about a state in another on the other side of the country. The problem is because In Virginia the Standard to learn is different then it is in California. All schools feel like they are better than the other. So now

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