Jaws: How Literature and Movies Reach Their Unique Audience Essay

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“In Spielberg’s mythology, the essential close encounter is between filmmakers and their audiences, for whom the dreams and myths of imagination become concrete celebrations of sound, light, color, and space.” (Galenson) Stephen Spielberg has enlightened movie watchers for decades on his ability to get the most from every scene of his work. Jaws will do more to define his directorial approach at an early stage of his career. In contrast, Peter Benchley’s novel is engrossed with character development, and unnecessary sub-plots to entertain the theater audience. At the direction of Stephen Spielberg, the adaption of the novel will be recreated for cinematic appeal, leave the basic plot intact and the fear will come from conflicting …show more content…
The theme song represents the frenzy of the fish as it circles Chrissie, and naturally the audience anticipates the attack. At just the right time she is jerked under water, screams; then she is jerked around in the water until the bloody ocean spurts around her. The adaption was created to entertain spectator of a movie versus reader of a novel. The book is entrenched with sub-plots the help the reader visualize the characters of his novel. He goes in great detail to describe Ellen Brody as a restless housewife who feels she gave up her past life to marry under her. This story line entertains the reader and serves to give depth to Ellen, Martin, and Matt Hooper. This will develop Chief Brody as the islander, which will avoid reality in order to avoid conflict. This will also develop Hooper as a cocky, bright younger man than Ellen or Martin. This affair will be eliminated in the movie, but will not hinder the value of the movie. While the reader will notice the elimination the change enriches the movie. Martin and Ellen will be the typical married couple, and the common man hero is created. Matt Hooper, still the marine biologist from the Oceanographic Institute and the audience will trust his credentials as he enlightens his knowledge of sharks. For instance, when he states the tiger shark is not the right shark we will not need evidence to

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